Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spare bedroom

I had a GREAT day yesterday! We have a spare bedroom that is usually never opened due to the complete disaster behind the door. It is a mix of an office, art room, reading room, and storage room. Needless to say, it never gets used except for the storage part. You know what I'm talking about. The kind of room that you can only open the door so far.. put another box or item in.. and shut it again before something falls out. The kind of room that, if the cat happened to sneak in, you'd never find it again. Yea. Well... yesterday, I cleaned this room!!! I mean, its not perfect. Whatever you do.. don't open the closet! The art corner needs shelves or some type of storage containers. The desk needs all the computer/electronic stuff hooked up (my husbands job). There is still a pile for my husband to go through, but it is re-located to the living room (so we don't forget about it, I guess). I didn't do any of the deep cleaning (dusting, getting rid of ceiling cob-webs, cleaning the blinds, etc.) but I am mighty proud of what I accomplished!

Bookshelf, etc. *Danger* Do not open the door to the right.

The desk. Yea, there's a pile of contained stuff under the desk. (and I don't even know if that TV works.)

My art corner. With a broken scale leaning against the drawers.

My art stuff.. not too bad, I just need to organize it on shelves or something.


And now my kitty can explore this room that she's never seen before! (I think I can find her in here now.. lol)

Now I just hope we can actually keep it this way and utilize it for more than just a storage room. We've tried that before and it didn't work out too well. Maybe this time will be different. :)

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