Monday, May 18, 2009

The Mechanic and the Homemaker

Two ordinary people that's all they were.
But God so aligned their paths on Earth
to intersect at a certain place and time
down on the east coast of North Caroline.
He gave her the eye.She played shy.
He had in mind a sweet romance.
She was unsure but gave him a chance.
Together they traveled far out of town.
He bought her a star.She twirled around.
One late night at the beach.
Not one star was out of reach.
Seeds of love sown by God were growing.
Soon they both were in the knowing
That they were meant to be together.
And yes there has been some cloudy rainy weather
Where hopes were dimmed by fears and tears
But love still grows throughout the years.
And God still reigns upon His throne.
And grants these two a happy home.
By day he fixes cars while she cooks and cleans.
By night he plays guitars while she drums and sings.
Together they make a joyful sound
It is true love that they have found.
The Mechanic who gives her all his love
and the homemaker who thanks God above
for the man who won her heart.
Never shall they part.
Never shall they part.

Posted by Walter Mitty

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