Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yesterday I put three loads of laundry away.. and I washed two loads (I still need to put the second load away today). I cleaned up our bedroom/ bathroom floor, got the hamper-system put back together, and all the dirty clothes all over the bedroom are finally in the hampers.. so you can actually see the floor now! When my husband came home from work he jokingly said "Oh, you layed new carpet down!" Lol.. I love him, and I'm so thrilled that he actually noticed and commented. :) I bagged up the way overflowing bathroom trash. Cleaned the bathroom sink (though the counter surrounding it still needs to be cleared off.. but if you only knew how disgusting the actual sink was....) I sprayed the tub and tried to wipe stuff off, but that definetely still needs another go. I washed two sink-fulls of dishes. Did just a teensy bit of cleaning up around one of my hot spots. Made tea.  And well, that's about it.. but I feel quite accomplished, especially considering that I started out yesterday feeling like doing absolutely nothing! :D

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