Friday, May 6, 2011

Does it ever end?

Our dryer has not been working for about a week now. We do not have a clothes line.. So, for the last 3 or 4 loads of laundry, we rigged up a shower-rod in the laundry area and I've just hung the clothes up on hangers on this rod for them to dry. Our A/C has been acting up lately. Our water filter keeps falling off of the faucet. The bathroom toilet was leaking (more than usual) for some unknown reason. We MIGHT have a rat or critter living in the wall behind our shower. My car, which desperately needs new brakes and a good check up, has been squealing and making funny noises lately. BOTH of our lawn mowers are not working. I keep finding more bugs inside the house. The last time I took trash to the landfill, my car had an AWFUL stench for the next few weeks.. and trash is piling up again. And that stray cat in our yard just KEEPS COMING BACK! Ain't life wonderful!

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