Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another day; Another chance

I had really been slacking off on my housekeeping lately. Dirty dishes had stacked up for a few days.. and well... things just weren't the way they should be. I am home much of the time without obligations, so there is just no excuse for letting things get to the way they were. Besides pure laziness.. and complete lack of motivation.

Soo... I cleaned house for five hours straight today! I washed all dishes, put dishes away, cleaned counters, put laundry away, swept and mopped floors, vacuumed the entire house (except the "beast cave" and the currently occupied guest room), cleaned bathroom, dusted furniture, cleaned windows and mirrors, freshened up and made bed, and, and well.. little stuff here and there. I mean, it's certainly not perfect. This house still has a long ways to go. But, at least I feel a bit accomplished today.. maybe even slightly proud of myself, if that's allowed. If only I can keep this motivation every day!

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