Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spring cleaning

I did a little bit of spring cleaning last week. I started by scrubbing all of the kitchen cabinets and drawers, high and low. Inside and out, in every crevice and cranny. Re-organizing most as I went along. While I was doing this, my daring husband pulled out the stove and refrigerator to see what an epic disaster was lurking behind and underneath them. And there was. We discovered objects that we have never owned. And just a few that we had missed. "oh, that's where it's been hiding all this time!" We found toys and items from previous owners. Sponge Bob? (I don't have kids.) We found kitchen utensils, bouncy balls, pens, lotion, medicine. And a bottle that had managed to slip in between the back of the fridge and the coils. Interesting. I guess this is the first time we had pulled them out since we moved in. The floor was disgusting, no doubt. But I got it all cleaned! The floors, the walls, the sides (you know like where the stove meets the counter and there's that little open space where stuff likes to drip down?). The backs and sides of the stove and fridge. And the top of the fridge since we had to take everything off of it anyways. So now it's all nice and clean. :)

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