Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson

There is still so much hype over Michael Jackson's life and untimely death!

Now, I cannot say that he was guilty of things he was accused of. Who am I to judge? But I believe, even if there were no sexual acts, that it is inappropriate for a grown man to share a bed with a child. (unless he is a relative or an extremely trusted friend of the family in certain scenarios).

But then again, must we all live up to social norms and standards? Michael was certainly one of a kind. He was obviously troubled with a Peter-Pan complex that affected everything in his life. Perhaps in sharing his bed with children, he was reverting back to childhood and simply having 'slumber parties'... pure and innocent.

I suppose we will never know for sure...
But we do know that his music affected the whole world. His music, his dancing, and his music videos moved us all. 'Thriller', still one of the greatest albums, changed the entire musical industry.

It is his music that will be his legacy. His music will live on forever; and he will live on through his music.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson!

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