Friday, June 12, 2009


Have you ever noticed how all the women who believe in breastfeeding their baby till he's three are all the vegan-hippy type who's every meal is picked straight from their garden? With their healthy, organic lifestyles, it's no wonder why it's so much more healthy to breast-feed.

For the rest of Americans, with their fast-food lives who barely even get enough nutrients for their own bodies, it's no wonder why they choose formula.

Well, I want to breastfeed... for longer than just the first couple months. Not quite three years, but maybe for the first year or so. And I am not a hippy, new-ager, into attachment parenting, or whatever it's called. Well, OK... not to the extreme, at least.

Ah, well... I guess I should at least be planning pregnancy before I think too deeply about this.

For everyone who wants to judge the breastfeeding issue: No, I don't have all my facts. This is not meant to be taken too seriously; it was just a random thought on my mind. I certainly don't mind hearing your opinions though. :)

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