Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rough day

What a Saturday! I didn't even get started with any chores until mid-afternoon. I couldn't get to sleep last night, and I woke up not feeling the greatest. Menstruation is a killer. After a lazy morning, I got most of my Saturday chores finished (besides vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom.. which, I guess, isn't really saying a lot.) Its been rough all day, but not horrible. I've enjoyed myself.. but just with a dull ache every passing moment.
We had Hamburger Helper for dinner. We will hopefully go grocery shopping tomorrow.
I didn't exercise today, but I did yesterday. I am proud of myself for that at least.
I am off to bed now. We will have a nice (hopefully) family get-together for Mothers Day tomorrow. I hope all you mothers have a very special and wonderful day. Thank you for everything you give and sacrifice; you deserve to be praised!

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