Monday, May 25, 2009

My Answers

Here are my answers to the questions concerning where we should move to. I have put them in somewhat of a prioritized order. Now I just need to convince my DH to answer them so we can compare. Like I said before though, this is the DISTANT future, so no rush!
(Well, we can both agree that we want a nice brick house someday.=] )

What kind of job opportunities should be available?
High demand for: Mechanic shops (most important); coffee shops/ cafes; administrative, computer, technology, fine-arts/music, etc.

Would you rather live in a big city, small city/town, or country?
Outskirts of a medium to big city. I love just being around lots of people; I get lonely easily.

What weather/climate do you prefer?
Dry heat. I work much better in hot weather. In cold weather, I would crank the heat all year long, but in hot weather I can easily go without A/C.

How important is low crime rate?
Very important. I want my husband to be comfortable with me going out on my own, and not worry if I am going to be robbed or raped.

How distant from family are you willing to go?
I would like to avoid the North-West and stay in Eastern or Southern US to be closer to family. I wouldn’t mind being in the middle (equal distance from all family in all directions).

What should the religious environment be like? (morality?)
I would like a hospitable environment. I would want to find a good Bible-believing, New-Testament Christian church home that we can serve in and become a part of.

Is a conservative or liberal environment more important?
We would stand on our beliefs (politically and spiritually) no matter what environment we are in. Although, I would prefer (especially with our future children) that the outward influence would be more conservative.

What else is important to have nearby? (i.e.: schools, parks, entertainment)
Good schools (one that focuses on the children instead of the politics of school); local arts and music.

How important is it to avoid areas of natural disasters? Are some more important than others?
Somewhat important; As long as we have a shelter, I don’t really care. Although, if we don’t have any insurance on our home, then it becomes a more important priority to avoid them.

What kind of landscapes should be within driving distance? (i.e.: beach, lake, mountain)
I like lakes/ponds. I love to look at the sky and watch the sun-rise.

What size yard do you want?
Medium. I don’t mind a smaller front yard and a bigger back yard, preferably off the main road.

Other things:
I love: Palo Duro Canyon; The land and the sky in the Texas panhandle; Southern hospitality; Mt. Lovewell in East Washington, NH; Tourism in Mystic, CT.; Trees in New England; Playing in the snow in Maine.

I don’t like: Cold weather; Busy traffic jams; Crazy/ignorant drivers; Where everyone knows everyone; Though nice to look at, driving over hills makes me sick and sun shining through trees gives me a headache.

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